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Call a tow truck from Bronnitsy to Moscow

Tow BronnitsyBronnitsy is one of the oldest cities in the Moscow region. This town is located 52 kilometers from Moscow in the Southeast direction. The population of the city according to official figures of about 22 000 people. The city is located at the intersection of federal highway M5 - Novoryazanskoye highway and the Moscow Ring Small A107 in common "Betonka". In this regard, through the city passes a large traffic of passenger cars, trucks, lorries. This is especially noticeable in the Friday and Sunday during peak hours. Because of this in the city and surrounding areas are a large number of specials. equipment and service stations to help drivers. Therefore, if your car breaks down, you can always call a tow truck to Mr. Bronnitsy clock, my spec. Equipment is on duty in the city center, so I can help quickly.

How to book a cheap tow truck Bronnitsi?

Tow Bronnitsy cheapBefore you go on the road to record advise my contact phone towing Bronnitsi, in case of emergency, I can help you quickly. To take advantage of my services my tow you have to answer me on the phone a few standard questions:

  1. Where exactly are you on (to Novoryazanskoye highway or Minor tarmac);
  2. How many passengers is in your car;
  3. The type and weight of the vehicle (if the truck, the weight together with the load);
  4. Is there any damage to the wheels of the car or lock the gearbox (for cars with automatic);
  5. Where it is necessary to deliver the car (to the nearest repair facility in Moscow).

After analyzing all the information I can send you the necessary equipment and the cost of voice for her work. Typically, the waiting time is about 15-25 minutes. If necessary tow truck from Bronnitsy, it is possible to wait until 30-40 minutes, depending on the available technology.

How is the price of a tow truck Bronnitsy?

Tow Bronnitsy clockМои эвакуаторы действую на основании четкой таблицы расценок, и обращаясь ко мне Вы не столкнетесь с такой ситуацией, когда в конце пути Вам озвучат другую стоимость за услуги. Все цены на услуги эвакуатора в г Бронницы и за его пределами приведены в разделе сайт под названием “Прайс”. Там представлена стандартная таблица с ценами, для того чтобы было более понятно как формируются цена на услуги, я приведу несколько примеров:

  • Let's say you need to take a car type Opel Corsa in the tow truck from Bronnitsy Moscow (m. Marxist). The wheels and transmission are in good condition. In this case, the cost of feeding a tow truck will be 1690 rubles. Route 57 kilometers will cost 2280 rubles. The total cost of the service will be 3970 rubles.
  • In case if your BMW X5 SUV type struck the wheel and you urgently need to take the tow truck to the nearest service station or tire of Bronnitsy, the price will be formed as follows: - supply of special equipment will cost 2490 rubles +400 Rubles for the problem with the wheel, the route is 5 km will cost 200 rubles. Total evacuation of the entire 3090 rubles.
  • If you want to transport the car type Audi A6 from Bronnitsy to the city of Noginsk, without any damage. The cost of feeding a tow truck will be 1990 rubles, and the route of 60 kilometers will cost 2400 rubles. The output is 4390 rubles.

It should be noted also that we provide our services not only physical but also legal entities. With each company, we can conclude a contract for the evacuation of vehicles in Bronnitsy and outside the city. In the case of a non-cash transfer of funds, the cost of our services others, are discussed with each client individually depending on the needs of transportation.

What we have tow trucks available Bronnitsi?

In our park are a few types of equipment for the transport of cars, trucks and construction equipment. Below is a description of these tow trucks:

  • Tow Bronnitsy cheapTow Hyundai HD78 with sloping platform 2014 release. This chassis has established itself with the best hand, the Korean motor assembly marked D4DD ensures reliable operation of the entire unit. Broken platform type with a length of 6.3 meters allows ship all cars, including most of the limousines, SUVs and minivans any modification Long. Capacity 4.5 tons, can carry a number of small-sized construction machinery. Salon Premium class includes air conditioning, improved seating, power windows, and we had installed Wi-Fi to access the Internet while traveling.
  • Tow truck - crane Hyundai HD120 2013 release. The chassis of the towing very reliable and hardy. Platform type -sdvizhnaya the system manipulator. It allows transport vehicles with any damage to the steering, transmission and wheels. Platform capacity up to 7 tons capacity manipulator mechanism to 3 tons. Saloon car as the Premium and includes the characteristics listed above.
  • Freight car tow truck on the basis of "Kamaz" with partial loading. Robust operating vehicle without any problem nodes. It allows you to carry large vehicles. Partial loading type raises the front of the car and the motion is on the rear axle. Capacity of this tow truck up to 30 tons. The cabin can accommodate 2 free passenger.

Our equipment undergoes a thorough inspection every week, every month, our technicians carry out routine work to replace all consumable items. These procedures allow us to guarantee our customers the highest level of safety of the tow in Bronnitsy. Drivers who work with us, have a great experience over their shoulders, they provide similar services for more than 10 years. We are waiting for your orders.