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Specifications and equipment towing Bronnitsi

Specifications towing characteristics Bronnitsi on the base "Hyundai HD78":

  • Platform capacity - the maximum possible weight of the goods transported is 4.5 tons. This carrying capacity is sufficient to transport all cars, SUVs and minivans.
  • Platform length - the length of the platform is 5.8 meters. On this platform can transport any equipment vans Long, as well as of the limousines and other vehicles elongated.
  • Type platform - hydraulic, with paws for fixing a tow truck during loading. This type of platform enables loading with low clearance or damaged wheels, loading speed is very fast.
  • Auto Components - premium. In the car Hyundai HD78 air conditioning, power windows, improved seat armrest. In addition, the tow truck equipped with a hydraulic winch.